The Missouri & Kansas Search and Staffing Association is pleased to announce the 2017 MKSSA Annual Conference - New Tools in a Candidate’s Market.  Join 100+ attendees for the staffing and recruiting event that you don't want to miss! Interact with Industry Partners to see new tools and services to grow your business!


Conference Schedule:


9:00 am – 10:00 am: Registration

10:00 am – 11:15 am: Keynote - Tom Erb: “Implementing and Executing a Highly Effective Sales Process”

11:15 am – 11:45 am: Industry Partner Highlights

11:45 am – 1:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm: Industry Updates – MKSSA & NAPS

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm: Breakout Session Owners/Managers: Fran Goldstein -Develop your Brand & Ecobrand for Increased Revenue Producers: Tom Erb - The Changing Value Prop of Recruiting

3:00 pm – 3:15 pm: Break

3:15 pm – 4:45 pm: Breakout Session Owners/Managers: Tom Erb - Building a Winning Sales Structure for your Firm Producers: Fran Goldstein - Branding in 3 Simple Steps

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Happy Hour

6:00 pm + Grand Street Café



7:30 am – 8:45 am: Owner’s Breakfast

8:00 am – 9:00 am: Breakfast

9:00 am – 10:30 am: Keynote Erin Bent: Topic – Break Through the Noise

10:30 am – 10:40 am: Break

10:40 am – 12:00 pm: Breakout Session Owners/Managers: Erin Bent - The Bricks You Need – Hiring, Training & Performance Management Producers: Fran Goldstein - Quick Hitting Roundtable

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm: Lunch

1:00 pm – 2:20 pm: Breakout Session Owners/Managers: Fran Goldstein - Leadership for Increased Revenue and Retention Producers: Erin Bent - Tip-A-Palooza

2:20 pm – 2:30 pm: Break

2:30 pm – 3:45 pm: Keynote Mary Lucas: Topic – Lunchmeat & Life Lessons: Sharing a Butcher’s Wisdom


Tom Erb Keynote/Thursday Implementing and Executing a Highly Effective Sales Process (Opening Session)

Sales is harder now than ever before. Your prospects aren’t answering the phone or calling you back, there is more competition than ever, and you just seem to be running up against one brick wall after another. In this session, we will explain why sales has become increasingly more difficult, talk about the key mistakes that most sales reps are making, and discuss our systematic sales process that is proven to get more appointments and land more new business in the staffing industry.

The Changing Value Prop of Recruiting (Producer Session)

Our industry is facing a major paradigm shift. No longer is the ability to find talent our value proposition. With the rise of LinkedIn and other social media and technologies, now practically everyone can be found by our clients. As highly sought after candidates become easier to identify and reach, they are becoming bombarded by internal and external recruiters. So, while candidates are now easier to find, they are becoming increasingly harder to attract. That's where the shift in our role is and how we continue to justify the value of our service.

Recruiting industry veteran and expert Tom Erb will discuss how the needs of our clients is continuously evolving, and how you can effectively build and leverage your network to address these needs. This session will change the way you look at your value as a recruiter, as well as your overall approach to the profession.

Building a Winning Sales Structure for your Firm (Owner Session)

You might think all your staffing or recruiting firm needs is to hire the best salespeople, but your firm also needs to have strong, sound sales processes to succeed. Finding the right salesperson for your business should mean more clients and revenue for your company. Yet even the best salespeople will fail if their firm doesn’t have a sound sales structure and strategy that provides clear direction, specific goals, and appropriate incentives. In this session, Tom will show you how to develop and implement a sales structure that positions your sales representatives for success and your company to maximize your return on investment. Session components include: • What to look for when recruiting and hiring a high-performing sales rep • How to create sales metrics that measure the right activities • How to establish a comp plan that incents the right behaviors • What ongoing training and coaching is best for shortening learning curves, reducing sales cycles, and maximizing sales rep performance • How to ensure that your new business is getting filled This session also includes a weekly sales planner that can be used to help manage your sales reps activities.

Fran Goldstein Branding in 3 Simple Steps (Producers Session)

Did you know that adults are exposed to over 360 BRAND messages each day between the internet and social media?  Taking the time to customize your candidate's unique brand does not take much time or effort with Fran's approach and your competition isn't doing it.  Learning this best practice will be a game changer for you.

Creating powerful candidate brands that "sell" is simple.

The results of this session:

  • Establish a 3 step branding technique to leverage your candidates that will result in instant client interest.
  • Gain credibility from your clients & candidates as the "go to" recruiter they can trust.  Your candidates will interview with more confidence & ability to articulate their brands & "story sell".
  • Your own brand & value proposition will begin to sell for you.

This is a fun & interactive workshop you don't want to miss!

Fran Goldstein  Develop your Brand & Ecobrand for Increased Revenue (Owners Session)

As Owners & Managers you are constantly striving to think of new ways to increase production, revenue retention & visibility in your market, right?  This session will show you how to create or improve your current brand to attract loyal super star candidates & client prospects.  

  • "Ecobranding" -  Learn how to transform your company logo to be more economical on print and digital assets, without changing the integrity of your brand.  Fran's passion for branding is simple, exciting & practical.  Now with 5 generations in the workforce, it's more important than ever to showcase your brand to attract top talent for all industries, cultures and ages.

Erin Bent Keynote / Friday Break Through the Noise (Opening Session)

Our industry is constantly changing. In the battle between “traditional” recruiting and the rise of technology and how that plays in the search process, how do you separate yourself from your competition and continue to be a differentiator in your market? This session will address many opportunities throughout the placement process - recruiting, marketing and process management to establish and build report and long lasting relationships. Bonus tips such as incorporating a holistic approach to marketing communication – to put yourself in the right place at the right time!

The Bricks You Need – Hiring, Training & Performance Management (Owner Session)

If you are a successful recruiter and owner, you already have it. How do we attract people to our organization and once they get going, how do we maintain their success over a long-term career in search? This session will cover best practices for hiring, training and creating a culture of high achievement among your team members.

Tip-A-Palooza (Producer Session)

Next Level has conducted and refreshed this session throughout the years and it is always a big hit. There are hundreds of hours of training available on Next Level Exchange; imagine, getting the best nuggets, techniques, and best practices from all that training condensed into one session! In addition, participants should be prepared to share your own tips of what separates you from others! Top tips could involve planning, how you convert contingent clients to retained, what your metrics you hold yourself to each week, what your most effective voicemail script is and how to stay motivated – just to name a few!

Fran Goldstein  Leadership for Increased Revenue and Retention (Owners Session)

Owning and managing a team of recruiters is serious business.  Being pulled in a million directions is tough on any given day.  Come and learn the top 5 best practices for decreasing the chaos and increasing the motivation.  This session will provide you with 5 tangible best practices to implement immediately to empower you to establish successful management.  Learn from Fran's successes and mistakes as she shares her own leadership journey!

Mary Lucas Keynote (Friday Closing Session)

Lunchmeat & Life Lessons: Sharing a Butcher’s Wisdom Mary B. Lucas inspires audiences worldwide. Using real world examples and the power of storytelling, Mary shares what she learned from her father and her career in the people business. She offers advice from the smartest man she ever knew—her father. A butcher by trade, he was the greatest coach she ever encountered. This presentation will help you learn how to inspire and bring out the best in yourself and others by creating meaningful connections in your workplace, networks and personal life.

Participants leave her session with fresh perspectives on many of life’s daily challenges: • Learn something from every person you meet. • The best endings are the ones you are prepared for. • Nobody can make you happy but yourself. • Don’t take life too seriously – you’re never going to get out of it alive anyway. • And finally……Remember the comeback sauce.


Mary Lucas Chief Talent Officer for Supplemental Health Care

Mary and her team focus on creating solutions that enhance the talent experience and deliver efficiencies to the organization in the areas of talent acquisition and retention. Mary has more 30 years of industry leadership experience. Starting as a recruiter just out of college, she has spent her entire career in the staffing industry focusing on connecting people with companies and companies with people. In 2006, she published the highly successful book, Lunchmeat & Life Lessons, a motivational memoir and tribute to her father on how to bring out the best in yourself and others. The book's momentum took off immediately and its impact felt around the world. Companies, professional organizations and universities have invited Mary to speak to audiences large and small and share her wit and wisdom. She has spoken to thousands of people at hundreds of corporate audiences, commencement addresses and professional meetings with one mission: to share life lessons that help people create meaningful connections and inspire themselves. Mary makes her home in Kansas City with her husband, Scott, and their two sons. She is involved in philanthropic work with the American Heart Association as a living legacy to her parents who both died of heart disease.

Fran Goldstein, CSP CPC Chief Business Officer & Consultant, Gold Staff Consultants

Fran Goldstein's passion for the staffing and recruiting profession began in her first "real" job out of college. Fran's high energy, natural instinct for recruiting and funny sense of humor has led and mentored hundreds of owners, managers, recruiters and account reps over her career. Fran's expertise began in staffing and she quickly expanded her skillset to include direct hire. Fran has started divisions for leading Boston recruiting firms and ultimately had her own staffing firm which she grew to a multimillion dollar business. Fran now consults in the outplacement and HR spaces. She also teaches Linked In, resume writing, interviewing and branding to leading Boston clients. Fran has served on the Board of Directors for NAPS and MASS. She has presented at numerous industry conferences and association events, including ASA. Fran has a BS from Syracuse University and lives in greater Boston.

Tom Erb President, Tallann Resources

With a career spanning over 20 years, Tom Erb has established himself as one of the staffing and recruiting industry’s top subject matter experts. As an executive for two of the largest staffing and recruiting companies in the world, Tom worked with some of the most recognizable and well-respected companies in the United States to help optimize their workforce strategies. As a consultant, trainer, and speaker to the staffing and recruiting industry, Tom has helped staffing and recruiting companies of all sizes and verticals transform their sales structure, create and implement their strategic plans, and optimize their recruiting process. Tom has presented to a variety of organizations including the American Staffing Association, National Association of Personnel Services, TechServe Alliance, New York Staffing Association, Capital Area Staffing Association, Midwest Staffing Conference, New England Association of Personnel Services, and many others. A variety of national and regional media outlets including The Wall Street Journal,, Columbus CEO, and multiple city business journals have interviewed Tom. His article on negotiating skills for staffing professionals was published in ASA’s Staffing Success magazine in April 2012. Tom is immediate past president of the Ohio Staffing and Search Association and past president of the Human Resources Association of Central Ohio, and currently serves on the board for the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS).

Erin Bent KBIC | Senior Director of Training

Erin is the Senior Director of Training for Next Level Exchange and Kaye/Bassman International. Erin joined Kaye/Bassman in 2007 as a Senior Search Consultant specializing exclusively in the Consumer Products industry focusing primarily in sales and sales support roles. In 2011, she launched Next Level Exchange’s sales team and now oversees the team of Client Service Directors who showcase Next Level’s array of services throughout the recruiting industry. In addition to her role with Next Level Exchange, Erin also serves as the Senior Director of Training for Kaye/Bassman, facilitating the Foundation Training Program to new hires and conducting ongoing learning and development throughout the organization. Kaye Baseman’s internal training program is also the groundwork of the Facilitated Foundation Training program in which Erin manages and facilitates, with her team, to NLE clients across the globe. The FFT program is a 6-week training program that provides a largely worry free and hands off approach for managers to train their new recruiters that join their organization. This core training program applies to all associates at each stage of career progression, from the basic recruiting fundamentals, to effective marketing techniques, to more sophisticated curriculum for long-term development. Since the launch of the FFT program in 2013, training for the parent company Kaye Bassman, Next Level Exchange and the franchise organization Sanford Rose Associates – she has personally trained over 850 recruiters in addition to the thousands who have received training through the Next Level Exchange platform. Erin graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and minor in Communications. Erin resides in Plano, Texas with her husband Brian and their two children, Madison and Griffin. 

When: November 9th and 10th 9:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Location: Hyatt Place Kansas City/Lenexa City Center 8741 Ryckert Street, Lenexa, Kansas, USA, 66219 913-742-7777
MKSSA Room Rate: $159 (use the code G-HHNM) MKSSA has a limited number of hotel rooms reserved.  The deadline for hotel room reservations is October 16th.
$289 (when registering 1-3 attendees)

$259 (when registering 4 or more attendees)
Non Members: $389
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Best regards,
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November 9, 2017 - November 10, 2017
9:00 AM - 3:45 PM
Members (1-3 Attendees) $289.00
Members (4+ Attendees) $259.00
Non Member $389.00