The Association was first formed in 1968 as the Missouri Association of Private Employment Agencies. While we have existed for 40+ years as an association, our name has changed through the years to meet the needs of the individuals and employer-clients it has served and in a manner in which they desired. Our 2008 name change to the Missouri & Kansas Search and Staffing Association comes complete with a new regional identity and renewed enthusiasm to include both staffing and direct hire services.

Mission Statement

The Missouri & Kansas Search and Staffing Association’s mission is to promote the interests of our members through legal and legislative advocacy, public relations, education, and the establishment of high standards of ethical conduct.

Legislative Advocacy: To represent the Staffing Industry by exerting collective influence in matters of mutual concern and by advocating beneficial legislation.

Public Relations: To raise the visibility of MKSSA to employer clients and the public as a reliable source of information and thereby increase their understanding of the role of the staffing professional.

Education: To provide ongoing and current education and accreditation to meet the continuing needs of the MKSSA membership.

Ethics: To promote and maintain high standards of services and business integrity through the dissemination, application and enforcement of the MKSSA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Responsibility.


In accordance with democratic principles, the membership is always the final authority in all decisions of the association. Major policy decisions are made by mailed ballots or at a meeting scheduled as part of the annual conference. The membership also elects officers and a board of directors representing local chapters to act on behalf of the association. The MKSSA Board of Directors meets quarterly and is empowered to transact MKSSA business in accordance with the MKSSA Bylaws and Standing Rules of Order. The Board of Directors carries out its responsibilities through standing and special committees.


The programs of the association are intended for implementation by the individual member at the local level. For this reason, MKSSA is geographically divided into local chapters. Each chapter is represented at the association level by their elected directors to the MKSSA Board of Directors. Chapters also have their own officers, board of directors, and local committees in accordance with the association’s by-laws. Chapter meetings, programs and community-related activities are critical to the achievement of MKSSA’s stated objectives. It is here that members, while they may be competitors in the marketplace, meet to exchange ideas, share common interests and work to promote industry goals.


MKSSA is committed to furthering the interests of the staffing services industry, not only in Missouri and Kansas, but throughout the nation. To this end, MKSSA, ASA (American Staffing Association) and NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services) reciprocate communications and join forces on projects. In 2011, MAPSS changed its name to the Missouri & Kansas Search and Staffing Association (MKSSA) in an effort to create a name that would better identify with our growing membership and prospering association.