Thursday & Friday November 10th & 11th, 2022

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Transforming the Recruiting Function: From Talent Hunter to Relationship Builder

The talent shortage we are all facing is not short-term or cyclical, and it won’t be solved by traditional recruiting means. Leading labor market analytics firm EMSI has labeled it as the “sansdemic”, meaning “without people”. We are just at the beginning of a global labor crisis that many economists and labor experts believe will last decades. What does this mean for the staffing industry? Well, the great news is that demand for our services will only increase as employers struggle more and more to attract and retain talent. The not-so-great news is that our own jobs will continue to get harder as well, particularly if we continue to approach our profession in the same way. Now is the time to pivot from always hunting for more talent to building and nurturing long-term relationships.

In this session, Tom Erb will discuss the current and future state of the labor market, what that means for our industry and national economy, and how you can gain a significant competitive advantage by fundamentally changing the way you approach candidate, employee, and client relationships.

Grow Your Business Through Maximizing Client Relationships

Effective sales aren’t just about acquiring new accounts – it’s about maximizing the opportunity within each client. In this session, we will talk about how to position yourself for more or all the business from the very beginning of the sales process, develop stronger relationships with your clients that promote more business, and techniques for opening doors to new departments, lines, and locations within existing clients.

*NEW* Messaging Mistakes YOU Must Fix Today in YOUR Staffing Business

The data doesn't lie: In 2022, over 90% of professionals screen their phone calls and don't pick up an unknown number. Worse, 96% of people now find phone calls disruptive.

Communication has changed, and sales messaging matters more than ever before. Your team's written (and recorded) communications are your most powerful tool to create sales and positive change in your business.

A single, properly-worded message has the power to close a deal, attract a new candidate or client, and increase your visibility.

Good sales messaging is no longer a "nice to have" in the sales process, it's a NON-NEGOTIABLE - the entire recruiting and sales process cannot start without it.

Bad messaging kills your sales. Good messaging makes you big money in your staffing business.

In this session, we'll answer the question: Are you making these deal-killing writing mistakes in your staffing communications?

Changing Recruiting and Sales Psychology in 2022 and Beyond - and How It'll Make YOU Money

In this new era, the new psychology for recruiting, sales, and revenue growth has changed and we need to take a new approach to earn new customers, increase referrals, and maximize opportunities for partnership and repeat business.

The need for change accelerated quickly during the pandemic, but as ambitious performers who are hungry to meet our potential, we need to adapt - and fast. Buyers are looking for us to add a different type of value as sellers and most of us are still going about it the wrong ways.

Join Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, and Performance Expert, Henna Pryor, PCC, and learn the concrete strategies for leveraging the NEW psychology of selling going forward - and how to do it right.

By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Shift away from problem-solving to a more valuable strategy
  • Understand how being the "expert with information access" is hurting you instead of helping
  • Know how to position offerings from several new angles that increase trust and forward motion
  • Learn the new critical keys that buyers need to hear today in order to say yes

Four Great Truths - How Clients and Candidates Make Decisions

This session starts with exploring 4 very powerful principles of our industry and applying them to our daily practice with clients and candidates. Principles are where what is Smart in our business meets what is Right in our business. Principles are the keys to unlock your ability to better anticipate and understand how your prospects and client think when they are making important decisions. Principles also help you better position your value to the candidate and client relationship. These four Principles give us greater insight, which in turn, gives us greater influence.

If you don’t know where your candidate or client is in their decision process, there is no way that you can know where you are in your sales or closing process!

This dynamic and interactive sales consulting program includes the following:

  • Explore the underlying 4 Great Truths of Our Industry that Drive Client and Candidate Decisions
  • Gain Insight Into How Your Client Thinks During The 8 Stages of The Decision Process
  • Learn that where you enter the decision process determines how your candidate and client perceives you.
  • Make Better Guiding Suggestions which ensures your Value Proposition throughout the Sales Process.

Negotiation in A New Era…What’s Your Real Value?

While each of us may have a slightly different market focus and niche, we all share something in common that is CRITICAL: we are all striving to have more influence in our marketplace, to earn respect and legitimacy from both clients and candidates and be perceived as something much more than just another vendor or recruiter. This negotiation session is about maintaining our value proposition by elevating the client’s and candidate’s perception of us and our services. Selling is negotiating…negotiating is selling…Therefore, we are always negotiating. There is always a cause and effect: So goes the relationship, so goes the negotiation, so goes the sale…..If you fail to differentiate in your approach, you will always be forced to differentiate by your price!

This dynamic and interactive negotiation session includes the following:

  • The Trigon: A tool to analyze how your clients and candidates see you
  • How to better leverage the 7 Sources of Power in every relationship
  • The 24 most common client and candidate tactics
  • 6 Counteractions to keep the relationship in a more even balance
  • The Framework for Negotiation to align all parties’ needs

Aly Trost Martin is a sports reporter, host, commentator & event emcee based in Kansas City, MO. A St. Louis, MO native, Aly moved to Kansas City in 2017 after graduating from the renowned Missouri School of Journalism & worked her way up in the sports world, covering major sporting events like Super Bowl LIV, MLS Playoffs, & more.

Aly's worked locally for organizations like Sporting Kansas City, Kansas City Current, and Sports Radio 810 & has also been featured nationally on CBS covering the National Women's Soccer League & Major League Soccer's digital channels.

When she’s not out covering a game or event, Aly likes to spend time with her husband, family & friends, travel, try new restaurants, do yoga and, of course, attend or watch her favorite sports and teams!



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