Why Become an MKSSA Member?

You should join because being a member makes a statement about your company’s ethics and business practices. Additionally, the MKSSA logo on your marketing material announces to your business partners that you are aware of current industry trends, informed about upcoming legislation that could affect them, and equipped with the knowledge of how to use that information for their benefit through your membership in a larger alliance within your industry known as the Missouri & Kansas Search and Staffing Association.

MKSSA’s membership is comprised of professional staffing firms that provide temporary and direct hire staffing solutions to a vast array of industries and companies. We represent small, medium, and large staffing firms including both independent and nationally-affiliated firms. Our members are staffing industry professionals who work together for the common good of our industry.

MKSSA is affiliated with the ASA (American Staffing Association), and NAPS (National Association of Personnel Services).

MKSSA offers many benefits to its members.

Protection for Your Business

  • Legislative monitoring, lobbyist action plans and Legislative Alerts
  • Call to action programs to address legislative issues before they can have a negative impact on your business

Educational Opportunities for You and Your Staff

  • Industry-specific training programs in sales, recruitment, leadership, and operations
  • CPC/CTS Certification Support Services
  • National association-sponsored employment law training

Effective Industry Networking

  • Industry suppliers, providing cost-effective services to members
  • Networking to gain valuable insights for your business
  • Newsletter and membership communications to keep you informed of industry trends
  • Discussion forum for members through this website

Have you ever had a candidate or a client call asking for help, but they were outside of your niche?

It happens all the time. Do you know what we say to those callers?

“Although we can’t help you, just visit www.mkssa.com and look for the membership directory. There you’ll find a prime list of recruiting firms, their specialties and their contact information. To make that list those companies must abide by a strict code of ethics, so you know you’re calling a quality search firm.”

Having the ability to confidently refer people to that list not only helps the people on that list with referrals, it makes YOU look good by taking an extra step to help someone you otherwise wouldn’t be able to help…which often times comes back to you when that person meets someone you CAN help and refers them to you to return the favor.

Is your firm listed in our Directory as a member?

Would those extra referrals be valuable to you?

This is a very real benefit of membership.

Our newly-designed website contains a wealth of valuable information. Please bookmark the MKSSA home page and visit us often to receive updated association news, MKSSA meeting and educational seminar dates, and much more.

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