Workers' Compensation Rates for Missouri Employers Expected to Drop
Daily Journal (Missouri) (12/28/16)

The Missouri Department of Insurance is recommending a 4.6% decrease in workers' compensation insurance loss costs for 2017, marking the third year in a row of decreases in costs for Missouri businesses. Of Missouri's 337 workers' compensation insurers, 225 insurers filed rate decreases in 2016 with an average decrease of 2.9%.

"We have invested in workplace safety and workforce training over the past eight years, and the result has been a decrease in business costs for job creators," says Gov. Jay Nixon.
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Missouri's Minimum Wage to Rise to $7.70 an Hour in 2017
Associated Press (11/15/16)

Missouri's minimum wage will increase from $7.65 per hour to $7.70 per hour come Jan. 1. The increase is the result of a law approved by voters a decade ago. The state's minimum wage has increased gradually due to inflation, but has been at $7.65 an hour for the past two years.

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Missouri Federal Court Refuses to Enforce Restrictive Covenant Against Staffing Firm Account Manager
American Staffing Association (01/22/15) La Tanya James-Rouse

A Missouri federal district court this month refused to grant a preliminary injunction to enforce a noncompete agreement between a staffing firm and its former employee. The court's decision noted that the staffing industry is competitive, there was no indication that the former employee's contacts with the staffing firm's clients would allow him to entice business away, and the staffing firm did not demonstrate that it was likely to suffer irreparable injury without injunctive relief. Full Story Available